Print hours

If you want to create a printout in "Hours & Salary", start by clicking on "Hours & Salary" followed by "Choose date":

Now you can choose the period which you want to print, for example 'October'.

When you have chosen your period, click on the button "Print" in the top, right corner.

You will now be able to choose printer, number of copies etc. You can also choose to save the document as a PDF if you want to send it to someone. 

Printing an Excel hour export

Alternatively, you can also export the hours of your look-up to Excel. Here you will have more varied combinations of your Smartplan data.

If you are unsure on how to execute a data export to Excel, check out this manual.

Choose your preferred sheet from the export and click on "File" in the upper left corner. This will lead you to a menu. In the left side bar, choose the menu item "Print". You can adjust the print settings beforehand, if needed:

Be aware that the interface might look a little different to you, depending on which Microsoft Office version you are working with.

Were you looking for guidance on how to print out the shifts of a rota instead? Then this article might be for you.

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