Print or save your rota

If you have to print your rota, you can do it in two ways. Either by using the printer-icon or through a shortcut on your keyboard. These ways will also give you the option of saving your rota.

The printer-icon

When your rota is published you will find a printer-icon in the top, right corner where you can print the schedule.

You will also find a printer-icon in "Hours & Salary", so that you can print an overview of your employees' hours after having chosen a timeperiod. This is also placed in the top, right corner.

Ctrl+p or Cmd+p

If you have to print anything else, this is also possible. Everywhere else you can print directly in your browser by using Ctrl+p on a Windows or Cmd+p on a Mac.

This might be useful if you have to print a rota, which has not yet been published.

Save your rota

You might also want to save your rota as a PDF. You can do this the same way as when you want to print. The only difference is that you change the destination to PDF instead of a printer.

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