Export hours to Excel

If you want to export working hours from Smartplan to Excel, begin with choosing the item "Hours and Salary" in the menu and click on "Choose date"

The calendar appears. Here you can choose the time period, you would like to export to Excel, for example 1st of October - 1st of December.  

Now a list will be shown, that contains the working hours for each employee in that time period.

On that list you will also be able to see, if there has been any changes in the planned schedule and if those changes have been approved by an admin (green) or not (red). Even though the changes might not be approved, they will still be included in the Excel export. That means that if any changes in the schedule are wrong, you have to make sure to correct them before exporting the hours.

In the left corner you will encounter a button with the title "Export to Excel". Use this button, as soon as you are ready to export to Excel. 

When the working hours extract is exported to Excel, it will appear below the "Export to Excel" button. Click here to download the file. Its title is "Excel for period" followed by the dates that you chose earlier in the process.  

After downloading and opening the Excel file, you will be presented with an introduction on the first sheet of the document.

In the document you will find several different sheets. The sheets are called "Report", "Distributed between positions", "Day overview", "Person Overview", "Hours per person", "Absence overview" and "Overtime balance", respectively. These sheets are all giving an overview of the working hours in the period, each with a different focus.

If needed, the Excel export can be used as an support in doing the salary statements. For example, if your business is offering salary bonuses for working in the late evening or weekend, you can check on the sheet called "Hours per person" to see, how many hours each employee has worked and at what time of the day/week.

The "Person overview" sheet shows you the overall working hours for each employee and a list of all their shifts and duration of shifts.

The sheet called "Distributed between positions" presents you with the working hours per job position or role. In our case, the spreadsheet looks as follows:

Take your time and click trough the report to make yourself familiar with the different sheets. In case of remaining questions, do not hesitate to contact us via support@trysmartplan.com 

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