Make a look-up for salary

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How to make a look-up for salary

When you want to get an overview of a certain period of time you can check it in "Hours & Salary". You can find "Hours & Salary" in the menu bar:

If you wish to make a look-up, simply click on “Choose Date”:

Now you can either choose an entire month by clicking on the name of a month (for example December, 2022) or you can choose a specific start and end date manually:

By clicking on "Show hours from chosen rotas" you will have the option to exclude the data of certain rotas from the look-up:

The look-up can, for example, look like this:

In the sidebar you will get information about:

  • Overall attended and planned hours
  • If and how much the attended hours deviate from the planned hours - in absolute numbers and as a percentage
  • The overall labour costs for the period
  • Who is responsible for the deviation in working hours - meaning lists of the people who either stayed late or left early

The table of the look-up will give you an overview of all hours within a certain period of time sorted by employee. Next to each name there are two columns: ‘Planned hours in rota’ and ‘Hours after changes’. If an employee has deviated in any way from the original shift time block of the rota, the two columns will not be the same. That is for example the case, when a person was absent at that time or punched out of his/her shift later than expected.

Let us take a look at an example: Jessica has two hours of (approved) absence during this period. That can be detected through the deviation between the hours as they were planned in the rota (16 hrs) and Jessica's actual attendance (14 hrs):

Depending on your settings, you will also be able to see the time balances and salaries of your employees here. The "Balance" column tells you how much the employee in question has deviated from the planned hours or a weekly/monthly target, that you defined beforehand. Essentially, this is a quick way of tracking overtime. The "Salary" column shows you the overall labour costs in the period for each employee.

Click on an employee to get a detailled view. You will see a list of all the employee's shifts in the period, including the shift times, any changes made to the attendance as well as the salary for each shift:

Activity log and shift-history

In the menu item "Hours & Salary" you can also take a closer look at a shift's history/activity log if you like.

Simply just click on any shift under "Hours & Salary". In my example I choose Hans' shift the 14th December:

Now a pop-up will show, and I can see the changes, that has been made to the shift:

First, under "Edited attendance" you can see, that the original timeblock was from 08:00-16:00. But right under it, you can see, that it has been changed to 08:00-18.00.

Take a look at our article Correct prior hours if you want to know more about how to correct prior hours.

Let us take a look a closer look at this activity in the activity log, which you find in the bottom of the pop-up. Here you can see, that Lærke the admin has written, that a new employee needed his help, which is why she has edited his attendance.

You can also see, who approved Hans' changes. In this case, Lærke approved Hans' changes to his shift.

You can also see, when these changes were made. In my example, the changes were made on the 16th December at 15:44.

The activity log/shift history is a good way to get an overview and keep track of the changes, that has been made to a shift.

Export hours from "Hours & Salary" to Excel

In Smartplan you can also make an export to Excel and see your employees hours in different ways by clicking on the different tabs in the Excel file. You can read more about how you do that by clicking here.

Export salary file to Excel

You can also export a salary file to Excel where the employees salary types and supplements are included. You can read more about how you can get started with the salary export in this article. At the bottom of the article, we have included links where you can read about how to set up salary supplements, create absence registrations or how Smartplan can generate a salary file for you.

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