How to set up salary types in Smartplan

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Before you can do salary from Smartplan, you have to set up some salary settings on the account. You have to set up salary types which defines how your employees should get paid for their hours. Let us take a closer look at how you can do this.

Your salary settings can be found in "Settings" -> "Smartplan Settings" -> "Salary", when you are logged into the account in a browser. First, you have to choose whether you want to make an Excel or CSV file with your salary information.

Afterwards, you can start setting up your salary types.

How to add salary types to your account

The different salary types and rates you are using in your company should be added to the box regarding general salary types. Simply click on "Add Salary type". For each salary type, you have to add a title, an hourly wage and, if desired, a salary type:

It is your call what you want to write. You can perhaps give them the titles "Salary type 1, 2, 3 etc." or perhaps "Over 18, Under 18". Choose whatever you feel like would give you the best overview - both in terms of title and salary type. Be careful about what you define as the hourly wage, because this will be the basis for the salary calculations later on.

If you are using a salary system that you would like to transfer the salary information to afterwards, then perhaps use the same codes or ID's for the salary types that are already in use in your salary system. That might make it easier for you to identify and insert the information afterwards.

Assign salary types to your employees

As soon as you have created the different salary types you are using in your company, you can start assigning them to the employees. For each employee, you have to fill out an employee number and salary type(s).

You can choose one hourly rate that the employee should receive for their ordinary hours. This will be the default salary type, that the employee primarily receives.

But you can also choose, if the employee should have a different salary type and rate in case they are working shifts with different positions:

This way, the hourly wages of your employees can be adjusted to the specific work that the employees are doing in your company.

Make changes within "Hours & Salary"

We advise you to perform the initial setup of the salary feature in the Smartplan settings. However, it is also possible to make minor changes directly in the "Hours & Salary" view.

If you look up a certain time period and you click on one of the salaries in the "Salary" column, a window will pop up. Here you can see, which salary type has been chosen as a default wage for that employee and change it, when needed.

You can even create a completely new salary type. All you have to do is to click on "+ Add rate" and to enter a title and hourly wage for the salary type. Then simply click on "Save" to add the salary type:

If you need more help figuring out how you can do salary from Smartplan, we encourage you to take a look in these guides:

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