How to make Smartplan generate a salary file

As soon as you have set up all your salary settings, you can let Smartplan generate a salary file for you. If you still need to set up some salary settings, you can find help in these guides:

In this article, we will go through how you can generate a salary file from Smartplan.

When you have to do salary, you should go to the menu item "Hours & Salary". Here, you make a look-up for the period you want to include. By clicking on "Show hours from chosen rotas" you will have the option to exclude the data of certain rotas from the lookup and ultimately your salary export:

The sidebar on the left states the overall labour cost for the chosen period. Here you will be able to see how the actual hours differed from the originally planned hours and how that is affecting the labour costs. You will get an overview over the salary for each single employee as well:

Click on an employee to get a detailed view and make final changes and corrections:

If everything looks correct to you, go ahead and click on "Export salary for the period" to the left:

Now you will see a final overview of all the salary information and you will also be able to edit employee number and salary type for each of the employees. If you click on an employee, you can see which hours and supplements the employee had in the chosen period and how that adds up to the final salary:

If there are employees, you do not want to include in your file, you simply remove the check mark next to their names.

If you want the hourly rates and wage calculations to be included in your salary export, don't forget to tick off the box with the option called "Yes, include salary rates in the salary file". Otherwise you would get a file simply listing how many hours were worked within each salary or supplement type.

When you are ready to do salary, you click on "Download file" in the bottom right corner and then Smartplan will generate a file for you:

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