How to add absence registrations for salary

If your employees should receive sick pay instead of full salary during sickness, you can handle this in Smartplan by using absence registrations.

In this article, we will go through how you:

How to create new absence registrations

In "Settings" -> "Smartplan Settings" -> "Salary", you can set up absence registrations at the bottom of the page under "Registration of absence (optional)".

To get started, you simply click on "Add absence registration", and then you will have to fill out all the necessary information:

Title of absence registration:

In this field, you give the registration a name that will help you get the best possible overview of your salary settings. It could for example be "Salary, sick pay" or another name which indicates the type of absence registration.

Choose absence type:

Here you will be able to see the different absence that are created on your account. You should simply choose the absence type that the registration should be applied to.

Furthermore, you can also choose whether the absence should receive supplements as regular hours. This means, if they employees should for example still receive evening, weekend or holiday supplements.

Supplement should apply on:

Just like when you add salary supplements, you have to choose when this should be paid. Should it include all days? Maybe only holidays? It is entirely up to you.

Should apply for the following employees:

Here you can choose if the absence registration should be applied to all employees or only some.

Define time block for supplement:

If the absence registration should be applied to the entire day, you simply fill out "00:00-24:00". Otherwise, you can choose a smaller time span, if it should only be applied to some hours.

Hourly wage:

Here you can define the value of your absence registration, meaning how much pay should your employees receive during an absence period on an hourly basis. You will not only be able to enter a set hourly rate here, but a percentage as well. This means that Smartplan can calculate the absence pay proportionally based on the salary type that a person has. In case you have set up differing salary rates depending on the job position of a shift, the pay will always be calculated from the salary type that the employee has during a specific shift. A requirement to use this form of calculation is of course the existence of a assigned shift with a certain job position during the absence.

Supplement type:

You also have the option to add a supplement type for the absence registration. If you are using a salary system that you would like to add the information to afterwards, then perhaps use what the absence registrations are already called in your salary system. That might make it easier for you to insert the information afterwards. Otherwise, you can call it whatever you prefer.

How to handle the employees' absence in Smartplan

When an employee calls in sick and they should receive sick pay instead of full salary, you can handle it in the following way:

  1. Absence should be added for the employee. This can be done by either the employee or an administrator. The absence should only be added for the hours that the employee should have been working.
  2. An administrator approves the absence and chooses that the employee's shift should give 0 hours in the time span for the sickness. This is done when approving the absence.
  3. In the salary settings, the administrator has to ensure that the employee is selected under the absence registration.

This way, the employee will receive the pay of the absence registration instead of their regular salary.

You can read more about how absence is created and how to choose, if shifts should give hours or not in this guide.

If you need more help figuring out how you can do salary from Smartplan, we encourage you to take a look in these guides:

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