How to delete your Smartplan account

Deleting your Smartplan account is a permanent and irreversible action. All the user profiles and data of the account will be lost. In order to delete the Smartplan account, you need to be the account owner.

Good to know: If there is any chance that you might need your Smartplan account at a later point again, for example to retrieve data or because you might relaunch your business, pausing your subscription might be the better option. We offer our customers to pause the subscription of their accounts for free and for an indefinite amount of time. During that time, the account is deactivated and not be accessible for you nor your employees.

However, if you are sure about deleting your account, this is how you do it:

First go to "Settings" in the main menu and then to "Smartplan Settings":

In the menu item "Payment Information" scroll further down and click on "Cancel and delete account":

A window will open, where you will be asked why you are deleting your Smartplan account and the reason behind it:

Lastly, you will be asked if you are interested in a follow up call from Smartplan:

You are then ready to enter your password and delete your account permanently. When this is done, you can proceed by clicking on the "Yes, I'm sure, please delete everything" button:

Your account is now marked for deletion. You can find the final deletion date in the middle of the screen. Your account will then be deleted after the current payment period has expired. If you are still in the trial period, your account will be deleted after 14 days. This period is intended as a time of consideration before your data is permanently removed from our servers.

However, if you are absolutely sure about deleting your account, you can click on "Go to account":

Clicking on "Go to account" will lead you back to the "General" settings. If you click on the menu item "Payment Information" and scroll down again, you will now be able to delete your account right away:

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