Payment options

In this article, we will go through how you can pay your Smartplan subscription. You have the following two options:

Payment by credit card

If you wish to pay your Smartplan subscription by credit card, you can easily do so. We accept several different payment cards, including Visa Debit & Mastercard.

You can choose credit card as your payment method and enter the according payment details directly in your Smartplan account. However, please note that only the account owner can access the payment information on the Smartplan account.

To add a payment card to the account, as the account owner, go to the "Settings" and then to "Payment Information", appearing in the menu on the left. Then click on "Choose payment plan":

Now you can choose a subscription. You need to specify how many user will be a part of your Smartplan account and whether you need Smartplan Plus. You can read more about our prices and subscription sizes here.

Once you have entered your payment details and saved them, your Smartplan subscription will be activated. Of course, if you're still on trial, your paid subscription won't start before your trial period has fully ended. If your trial period has already expired, you will still have access to the "Payment information" page when logging in to your Smartplan account.

You will receive an invoice on the email address you provided. Additionally, you can find all your invoices inside your Smartplan account at the bottom of the "Payment information" page.

Please note that you will pay monthly by credit card. This is the only payment option where the money is deducted on a monthly basis.

Payment by invoice (semi-annual/annual)

If you do not posses or do not wish to pay by credit card, you also have the option of paying your Smartplan subscription by bank transfer. You cannot set up this way of payment independently in your Smartplan account.

As payment by invoice requires some manual work on our part, the setup of this payment option must be done through our support. Please note that it must be the account owner who reaches out to the support, as the account owner is the only one authorized to make changes to the subscription.

Our support staff will need the following information in order to create your invoice:

  • Choice of subscription (User amount, Smartplan Plus needed?)
  • Payment period (semi-annual or annual?)
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Invoice recipient
  • Email address to which the invoice should be sent
  • VAT

Once done, you will receive your invoice on the provided email address. You will also be able to find it in your Smartplan account under "Settings" > "Smartplan payment", at the bottom of the page. After having received the invoice, you then have 8 days to transfer the stated amount. Your account will be automatically activated as soon as we have successfully registered your transfer.

Please note: The manual setup of this payment method also entails, that the account owner will need to contact our Support Team for making any changes on the subscription.

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