How to change account owner

In this article, we will go through how you can transfer the account ownership to a colleague. In case you are not the current owner of your account, you can ask the owner to hand over the ownership in the following way, if this is needed.

The colleague whom you want to transfer the ownership to has to be an administrator on the account. You can give your colleague administrator rights in "Settings" -> "Smartplan Settings" -> "Administrators".

In this article, you can read more about how you make a colleague an administrator.

As soon as the person is an administrator, you can transfer the account ownership. This can also be done in "Settings" -> "Smartplan Settings" -> "Administrators".

Under your own name in the list, you can click on "Transfer ownership":

Once you click on "Transfer ownership", the following box will appear in which you can see which rights the new owner will have. He or she will be able to:

  • Change payment information
  • Change subscription on the account
  • Delete the account permanently

At the same time, you will no longer be able to do these things.

In order to transfer the ownership, you simply have to choose who the new account owner should be, confirm your password and check the box "I am sure I want to transfer the ownership". Then click on "Hand over":

The new account owner will now receive an email saying that he or she is now owner of the account.

You will still be an administrator on the account, so you continue to have access to for example shiftplanning, absence registrations and salary.

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