In this article we will go through our prices.

We offer different subscriptions depending on your needs with simple and fair prices.

When choosing your subscription you will need to decide how many employees you need to plan. Our subscriptions will increase by 15 employees every time you decide to upgrade your subscription.

This means you can plan up to:

- 15 employees for £24 per month

- 30 employees for £34 per month

- 45 employees for £44 per month

If you need to plan more than 45 employees you can use our calculator to find your price here.

If you are interested in extra features, such as Smartplan Punch clock, Smartplan Assistant and export of salary files to your salary system, Smartplan Plus is available at an additional cost of £15 per month.

You can read all about our prices including Smartplan Plus here

We at Smartplan appreciate the important volunteer work that non-profit organizations and associations do every day. That's why we want to support you by offering Smartplan at special conditions. We know that the staffing needs of such organizations can fluctuate a lot and that volunteers are often only able to take on occasional shifts.

Therefore, we offer you the following prices:

- 50 users for £24 per month

- 100 users for £34 per month

- 200 users for £44 per month

- 300 users for £54 per month

- 400 users for £64 per month

- 500 users for £74 per month

The prices are for the entire company, no binding and £0 in start-up fee.

If you still have questions about our prices, feel free to reach out right here.

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