Edit a published rota

Even though you have already published your rota, you might have to edit the rota once in a while. To edit a rota, you have to open it and click on "Edit schedule" in the top, right corner. But you do not have to take it back into planning, if you only have to make minor changes, like adding or editing a few shifts.

In this article, we go through how you:

Add or edit shifts in a published rota

When you have to add shifts to a published rota you can do it by clicking on "Add New Shift".

You can also add a shift by clicking on the day in the schedule, you would like to add the shift. Here you can also edit an existing shift.

It is also possible to make these small changes to your rota from the app. When entering the rota, you can here add a new shift or write a message on the specific day. It looks like this:

By clicking on specific shifts in the rota, you will also be able to edit its information.

Make bigger changes to a rota

If you have to make bigger changes, it might be necessary to take the entire rota back into planning. The planning tool is only available and accessible in the browser version of your Smartplan account.

Bigger changes could be necessary if you have to add a new employee to the template, so you do not have to manually add all the shifts. When you have taken the rota into planning you have the same options as when you planned the schedule.

If you take a published rota back into planning, your employees will still be able to see their shifts. But the rota will be locked for changes, so the employees cannot swap shifts, write messages or edit their shifts. They also cannot see the changes you are making - this is only possible for administrators. Employees can only see the changes when the rota has been published again.

When you are done making changes, you have to publish the rota again. Simply click on "Schedule is being edited" and you will be able to publish the rota.

Then, you can choose if you would like to send out notifications to affected employees about the changes. And you will also be able to see if your changes result in any conflicts which means that you cannot publish the rota.

If there are not any conflicts, all you have to do is click on "Approve and Publish". As soon as you have done this, your employees will be able to see the new changes.

How to make changes in an archived rota

If you want to make changes to a rota, that lies in the past, this is possible to some extent. You will find your rota archive by going to your "Rotas" page in the main menu and scrolling all the way down:

In the archive, your past rotas are first of all listed by their locations, and thereafter chronologically by year. Find the rota that you would like to edit and click on it.

Please be aware, that you can not make changes to past rotas in editing mode. So please keep them published and do not put them back in editing mode.

If you are looking up a rota, which was not published at the time when it was moved to the archive, it will probably be locked and have this error attached to it:

To solve this problem, please click on "Edit rota" or "Edit schedule":

This will take you to the rota in the planning tool. From here you can publish it and the error will be gone.

When you are presented with a published rota in the archive, you can now simply click on the shifts, that you want to adjust:

The overview of the day opens. Here, click on the shift you would like to edit again. You will now be able to adjust the following information on the shift:

Make sure to always save your changes, so that they will be registered in the system.

Note, that changing the time block or break in an archived rota only refers to the shift as it was planned. So this would only change the data of the column "Hours in schedule" in "Hours & Salary".

Therefore, we do not recommend editing the attendance directly in the rota. If you edit the attendance in the rota, you will no longer be able to see what was originally planned.

Instead, if you would like to change the attendance or break time, for example because the employee unexpectedly stayed at work half an hour more or extended his break, you have to make this adjustment in "Hours & Salary" directly. For further assistance on how to edit attendance in "Hours & Salary", take a look at this article: Correct attended hours.

Apart from editing existing shifts, you can also add shifts to your archived rota. This could for example be relevant, when your employees create their own shifts through the punch clock, but somebody forgot to punch in. In that case you can create the shift for that person retroactively:

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