If you wish to create an overview of all the available shifts you can click on “Available shifts” and all of these will be highlighted:

Furthermore, you can highlight the different positions. If you do this you will be able to see both which employee you have added to these shifts but also if there are any available shifts with this position. Here I have highlighted shifts with the position “Kitchen Assistant”:

When the rota is published, both you and your employees can use the filter. Simply go to “Rotas” and open the relevant rota. Now you can choose which shifts you want highlighted once again:

It is also possible to highlight individual employees, when you are planning your rota. This is done by clicking "Show all employees", which is found on the right side of the screen, see picture below. Now you just choose which of your employees you want to be highlighted in your rota:

All shifts of the respective person should now be highlighted in blue:

All information is contained in the rota and therefore, you should be able to get an overview without any trouble. Easy, right?

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