How to edit notification settings

You do not have to be notified about all activity in Smartplan. You can easily choose what you would like to receive notifications about. You can also decide where you want to be notified.

In this article you can learn about:

How to edit your notifications

Find the notification settings in your browser

If you want to edit your notification settings, simply go to “Settings” and then "Notification Settings":

You can access the notification settings from your profile settings as well. If you are currently editing your profile, you can switch between the profile settings and the notification settings at the top of the page:

Find the notification settings in your Smartplan app

You can also change the notification settings on your smartphone. In the app, you will have exactly the same options for notification settings as when you are logged into Smartplan in a browser.

To find your notification settings, simply click on the 'Settings'-icon on the page "Me".

Then click on "Notification settings".

Which events do you want to be notified about?

Settings for regular users

Now that you have accessed your notification settings, you can choose what you would like to be notified about. You can receive notifications about shift swap activity, changes in your shifts, absence activity on your profile, new shifts available to you and edited attendance.

The ones with the checkmarks are the ones, you will be notified about.

Settings for administrators

There are more notification settings to be aware of, if you are an account owner or administrator:

First, let us take a look at the different kinds of activities you can choose to be notified about. You can receive notifications when a shift changes hands, a shiftswap is waiting approval, if an employee wants to get rid of a shift and if an employee is requesting time off or other kind of absences.

If you are only responsible for certain positions on the account, you can also choose, which positions you will receive notifications about.

Click on '"All Roles" and then you will see all the positions that exist on the account:

Let us take a look at an example. My only responsibility is the kitchen, which means I should only get notified about the kitchen assistants and chefs:

Now there is only a checkmark next to Chef and Kitchen Assistant which means, that these are the ones I will be notified about. You can also see the ones you will be notified about next to "Selected roles".

Also I do not need to know when employees swap their shifts, so I will remove the checkmark from this one as well:

When you are done choosing your different notification settings, just scroll down and click "Save":

How do you want to be notified?

Below the settings on what you want to be notified about, you will find settings about where you want to receive your notifications: via push or email - or both.

It is important to note that when you register a new push device (smartphone e.g) we will automatically turn off emails and you will receive push notifications instead. Notifications via push will then be your default. However, you can always choose to turn on/off emails again in the settings:

The first option only applies to those, who have a push device connected to their Smartplan user and are using push notifications as their default notification method. By choosing this option, you will receive an email notification as a backup, in case that the push notification did not reach you for some reason.

The second option makes sense, if you do not use the Smartplan app on a mobile device and you want to receive all your notifications via email. However, in case you already use push notifications as your default notification method, you will then receive all your notifications double - via push and email.

Choose the last option, if you do not want to be notified by email at all. However, be aware that if you have an active push device connected to your Smartplan user, turning off emails will not automatically turn off push notifications. If you do not want to receive any notifications from Smartplan at all, you should therefore turn your push notifications off, too. You can read more about this in the chapter below.

Moreover, as you can read in the above screenshot, some notifications regarding activities on rotas will always be sent out as emails. So when a new rota gets published or an existing rota has been edited, opened for requests or deleted, you will still receive an email about it. In these particular situations it is irrelevant, what your settings regarding email notifications are, even if you disabled them.

Activate and deactive push devices

Activate/deactivate push notifications on your phone

In order to receive push notifications, it is crucial that you have allowed Smartplan to send you notifications in your phone settings.

There is a link to these settings in the Smartplan app:

If the notification settings on your phone does not allow Smartplan to send them to you, you will not receive any notifications from Smartplan. So if you do not want to receive notifications from Smartplan on your phone, this is where you can turn them off, too.

Here are examples of how it looks on an iPhone (1st picture) and Android device (2nd picture). Either way, you just have to click on "Notifications" to allow or forbid Smartplan to send you notifications:

Activate/deactivate push devices through Smartplan

In the notification settings of your Smartplan account (either in the browser or the Smartplan app) you will find a list of all the push devices, that have been registered for your user.

Every time you log into your account in the Smartplan app of a new device, it will appear on this list:

Here you have the option to choose, on which devices you want to receive push notifications or not.

Press “Activate” next to the title of the push device in order to receive your push notifications on this device. If you do not want to receive notifications on this device anymore, you can just press “Deactivate” to stop them from being sent:

Do you suspect that you might not receive push notifications on your device, although push notifications for this device have been activated both in the phone’s general settings and in the Smartplan notification settings?

In that case it might be a technical error. Feel free to contact our Support Team in the chat or by sending an email to

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