How to write messages on a day in the rota

In Smartplan, employees can communicate with each other on a certain day in a published rota. This might be useful if information should be given about for example an event on a specific day.

How to write messages on a certain day

It does not matter if the day you want to write a message on is in the past, the present or the future - you can choose every day you like in a published rota. I will just start by choosing my current published rota:

Now that you see your rota, you can choose what day you would like to communicate with your co-workers on. I will just click on "Today" (Friday) in my rota.

To the left, you will see all the employees who have a shift on the day. At the top, you can see what day you are looking at. Here you can also return to the rota or choose another day in the week. Finally, to the right, a message box is shown.

Now you can write a message on your chosen day. Currently, you can see that there are no messages on the day. If you want to write a message, simply click on "Write a message".

This will enable the message-function and you can now write a message.

You can also see the employees, that will be notified about your message. If you do not want all employees with a shift on the day to be notified about your message, you can choose which employees, you would like to receive a notification. Just click on "Add/Remove":

I will just choose Torben and Sjanne as they are the primary receivers of the message and it might not be important for the other employees. Vibeke is my own user. This means that only Sjanne and Torben will be notified about this activity. When you are done, you click on ''Continue''.

When you are done, simply click on ''Send message''. The message will be visible to all users on the account, but only the once you have chosen will get notified about it.

The message will be visible, when you open that specific day in the rota. Sjanne and Torben, but also the other employees in the rota, can answer by doing the exact same as described above.

You can also find all day-messages in the menu item ''Messages''. Here you will also get the opportunity to go directly to the rota and answer the message on the day. Simply click ''View and answer in rota''.

Then you will get to the page of the specific day.

How to write a message on a specific day through the app

You can also write a message on a specific day through the Smartplan app.

Start by clicking on the menu item "Rotas" and select the rota you want to write a message on a specific day in. Then find the day in the rota, and at the bottom of the day it says "Write message":

Click on "Write message" and now you can write a message on the specific day, just like you can in a browser. You can also choose who is to be notified of the message:

When you are done writing your message just click "Send message".

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