How to communicate in Smartplan - through a browser

In Smartplan you can easily communicate with your coworkers.

We will look at the following topics:

The basics

To enter the Message Centre, go to the menu item "Messages":

Now you will see your inbox. I am logged in as the user Alex. To the left you can see all the messages that you are part of in some way. The message I am currently looking at is being highlighted in light green. It's the latest one, from August 23rd 2023.

How to compose a message

If you want to write a message simply click "Write Message".

Now a message box will pop up, where you can write your message. First, add a title to your message, and then choose your recipients. You can choose that the message should go out to all the users on the account (a public message):

However, please be aware that if the location division is turned on for the account, you might only be able to choose the locations that you are assigned to here. That is the case, when users are not allowed to see the data (including messages) of other locations. In this example, there are three locations on the account, but Alex is only assigned to two of them:

If the message is not relevant for everybody, you can direct the message to a selected group of people or turn it into a private message. Click on "Pick recipients".

Let's say that Alex wants to ask about who is able to take over his "Bartender" shift tomorrow. If the location division is turned on for the account, he will now get the option to choose all the members of a location as a recipient. However, he can also select specific job positions as a recipient, if needed. He decides to click on "Select all" next to "Bartender".

All the employees with the job position "Bartender" are now preselected. Further down Alex can still decide to remove some of the recipients, for example if they are on sick leave:

Now, let us take a look at the different options in the message function:

  1. Bold formatting
  2. Italics formatting
  3. Strike-through formatting
  4. Add/remove link
  5. You can choose to send the message in a text, but as you see it is optional, because messages will always be sent as a notification or email.
  6. Make text size large and bold
  7. Quote
  8. Code
  9. Bulleted list
  10. Numbered list
  11. Center to the left
  12. Center to the right
  13. Attach a file
  14. Undo

Finally, you can send your message by clicking "Send message".

ONLY FOR ADMINS: If your message is important, simply click on: "Set the message as sticky, keeping it at the top of the list". Then a little blue check mark will appear. This will pin your message, and your message will then be placed at the top of your coworkers inbox:

When you have sent your message

After you have sent your message, the message will appear under the menu item "Messages":

As you can see, there is a little pin on it, because you checked off that your message was important.

If you forgot some people, who should also receive this message, you can click "Edit" next to your other recipients.

Remember it is a group message, so everyone will be able to see everyones answers. If you want to send a message to people individually, you have to pick them as the only recipients and send the message to each of them individually.

There are still a few options, that could be useful for you. Click on the three dots. Here you can unpin your message (if you are an admin), mark it as unread, and you can also move it to the archive.

If you click "Move to archive" you will go to the archive, and here you can also delete the message. This will delete the message for everyone, not just for you:

As you can see, you can also choose to unarchive it. Simply click "Unarchive".

If you want to return to all your messages, click on the green arrow. Then all the message-filters will appear. You can choose all-, unread-, public-, group-, day-, and archived messages.

How to answer a message

If you have received a message, here is how to answer it. First you will be notified, when a message is sent to you. Next to the menu item "Messages" a number will appear. That is the number of unread messages. In this example, I am logged in as Vibeke:

Click on "Messages".

Then you will get to your inbox. All unread messages will be marked with a little red circle. As you can see, I have received a message from Signe:

You can also see, that it is a private message. To answer it, just write a message in the message field under the message and click "Add comment" when you are done:

If you want to delete your comment, after you sent it, just click "Delete" in the corner to the right. This will delete the message, not just for you but for everyone in the conversation:

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