How to communicate in Smartplan - through the app

You can communicate with your coworkers in Smartplan through the app by using the message menu-item

How to use the message function in the app

Let us take a look at how you can communicate with your coworkers directly in the app.

Go to the menu-item "Messages":

In the right corner, you can click on the little paper dart and write a message. In this example, we are looking at Bo's user. Bo wants to send out a message to all his coworkers. You can also click "Pick recipients" to pick specific receivers, but in this case, Bo wants to message all his coworkers. Click "Send message" to send the message:

How to answer a message through the app

Now I am using my own user (Signe). And I see, that I have received a message (the message from Bo). On the menu-item "Messages" there is the number 1, which means I have one new message. The unread messages will also be marked with a little red circle:

If you want to read the message, click on it. You can answer the message by adding a comment down below the message. When you are done click "Add comment".

In the upper right corner, you will see three dots. If you click on them, you can mark the message as unread, move it to the archive and if you are an admin, you will also be able to pin the message:

If you want to delete your comment, simply click "Delete comment" on your message. This will delete it for you and everyone else.

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