How to manage absence and privacy settings

The settings on absences can only be found and changed, if you open Smartplan in your browser. In your account, go to "Settings" → "Smartplan settings" → "Data and privacy".

Under "Privacy settings" you have the option of adjusting whether employees should be able to see each other's absences or not:

If you have checked off and thereby activated this setting, you will be able to access the small drop down menu to the right of the setting. Here you can further differentiate, whether employees should be able to see all kinds of absences, all absences except for those with the absence type "sickness" or all absences but not the absence types:

However, when the tick is removed, it is only the administrators themselves who have insight into the absences of the employees. Regular users can then no longer see any other absences, neither in the profiles, in the rota, nor in the archive. They will only be able to see their own absences.

The second setting is regarding the access of regular users to the absence calendar. If you enable this setting by ticking off the check box, the users will then be able to see the same absence calendar as admins do, both in the browser and in the Smartplan app.

From here, they will be able to create and hand in their absence requests. Of course, these absence requests will still need admin approval before they are being registered. You can read more about how the employees hand in absence requests in this guide.

Whether or not they will be able to see their colleagues' approved absences, will solely depend on the first privacy setting we just described above.

Finally, you can also choose whether the employees should be allowed to view their own holiday account. This setting can be found in "Settings" → "Absence".

If the employees are allowed to view their own holiday account, this will be visible on the employees' profiles and when they create absence requests.

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