Create and manage your own custom absence types

You can create and manage new absence types two places in Smartplan. In this article, we will go through how you can create new absence types through:

Create and manage absence types through the absence menu item

As an administrator, you can add new absence types to your Smartplan account by selecting "Absence" in the main menu. In the absence calendar, click on "+ Add absence".

Now choose any name from the list:

After having selected an employee, you can now create the new absence type by clicking on "+ Add type":

In order to save the new type of absence for later, it is important that you hit the "Save" button beside your new absence type.

After that, you do not need to completely finish and save the absence for this person. You can also complete the process by clicking on "Cancel":

From now on, the new absence type will be available when you or your employees create a new absence.

You can also rename or delete custom absence types this way. Simply click on "Edit" next to a custom absence type that has been created on your Smartplan account:

Now, you can either rename the absence type or you can choose to delete it from the account:

Create and manage absence types through the absence settings

It is also possible to create and manage new absence types through the settings on your Smartplan account instead.

In order to do so, you simply have to go to the "Absence" page under "Settings". On this page, you can see the different absence types, you have on the account and you can easily add new types. Simply click on "Add type":

If you want to change your custom absence types, you can also do so in the settings. You can either choose to rename or delete the custom absence types you have on the account:

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