If you experience problems when syncing with your calendar

If you experience that your shifts are not syncing with your calendar, we will here explain why that can be.

Calendars do not sync changes in your schedule immediately

The different calendar providers do not sync at the same time. If changes are made in your schedule, some hours may pass before you can see the changes in your calendar.

Unfortunately, we do not know exactly when the different calendar providers sync changes in your Smartplan-calendar. We have found the following estimates for when a calendar syncs automatically:

  • Outlook calendar syncs every 3 hours
  • Google calendar syncs every 24 hours
  • iPhone calendar syncs every 15 minutes

If you cannot see the changes from your schedule in your calendar yet, it might be because the calendar is not synced. Wait 24 hours and check again.

If you are still experiencing problems with synchronizing to your calendar, we recommend you take a look at these guides from the calendar-providers, which hopefully can help:

If your calendar is not synced after 24 hours, reach out to us at support@trysmartplan.com and we will guide you further.

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