Delete a calendar

If you no longer want to have your shifts synchronized to your calendar, here is a guide that will show you how to delete them.

We will describe how you can delete your calendar:

Delete the calendar from your iPhone

Go to "Settings" and choose "Passwords & Accounts":

Click on "Subscribed calendars":

Then click on the Smartplan calendar:

Delete the calendar by clicking on "Delete account":

Delete the calendar from iCal (Apple)

Find the Smartplan calendar in your list to the lift and 'right'-click on it. Now you can click "Unsubscribe"

Hereafter you just click 'Delete' and then it's gone

Delete the calendar from Outlook

Find your Smartplan calendar in the list to the left and then simply click on it and choose "Remove":

Delete the calendar from Google Calendar

Place the mouse on your Smartplan calendar in the list to the left and click on the cross which will appear:

You will now be asked if you are sure you want to delete the calendar. Simply click on "Remove calendar":

The calendar has now been deleted from your Google Calendar.

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