Synchronization of absence

You can synchronize the absence calendar on Smartplan to your own, personal calendar. This guide will show you how this is done.

First, click on "Absence", which can be found in the top menu-bar inside Smartplan:

Next, you will get an overview of the absences that exist that month for the account's employees. Here you click on the "Subscribe" button, which is located in the top left corner of the calendar:

Then the following pop-up window will appear, where the link to your calendar will be visible:

This pop-up window states that if there are changes in your absence, this will be updated regularly in your own calendar. The calendar link is not protected with a password, so everyone with the link has access to your absence data.

Click on "Turn on calendar feed" to get your personal link.

You will then be presented with the various calendars to which you can transfer your absence data. The options are Apple / iPhone, Google Calendar / Android and the Outlook calendar.

If you want to add to either Apple / iPhone or Google Calendar / Android, then click the "+ Add to XX" button. However, if you want to sync your shifts to the Outlook calendar, copy the link in the box.

The last steps of the synchronization is much like when you synchronize your shifts to your own calendar. You can read more information about synchronizing to your desired calendar in these guides.

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