Can the employees see their own balances?

If you do no yet know what time balances in Smartplan is, you can read more from when we launched the feature here, or you can read more about how to get started here.

You decide, whether the employees should be able to see their own time balances. When you activate and set up the feature on your account, you can choose whether it should be visible:

If you choose that the balance should not be visible for the employees, you can as administrator find the balance in "Hours & Salary". See more in our guide on how to use the feature to read more about it.

If you choose that the balance should be visible for the employees, they can see their own balances from their profiles. Both through the app and web.

See the time balance on Web

On the website they simply choose "Me" and then "Hours". When making a look-up on this page, the time balance will appear:

At the top, you can see how many hours they have worked in the chosen period but also what the time balance is per the last day in the look-up. If you want an explanation of the balance, you can click on it to see the calculation.

Only the employee and admins can see the time balance on the profile. Your employees cannot see each other's time balances.

See the time balance in the app

The employee can make the same look-up on their phone. Choose "Me" and then "Hours". The current month will be shown and the employee can also choose a different period, if they like.

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