How you view your employees' punch times

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How to get an overview on the punch times via Hours & Salary

If you want an overview of your employees' punch times, you have to look under "Hours & Salary":

Before you can view the punch times, you have to define the period you want an overview of:

When you have defined the period, you will get an overview of the employees who have had shifts during this period and their hours.

The hours are separated into two columns: "Planned hours in rota" and "Hours after changes":

The column "Planned hours in rota" refers to how the hours were according to the rota.

The column "Hours after changes" refers to the hours that the employee actually ended up working. Their punch times will also be reflected here. If no changes to the attendance or punch clock activities have been registered, this column will simply show the same data as "Planned hours in rota".

In order to get an overview of an employees punch times click on the name of the employee on the list. The shifts will now get listed chronologically:

Any punch clock activities are always transferred directly into "Hours & Salary". If somebody punches in to his shift for example, his or her attendence will automatically updated in "Hours & Salary" under the column "Hours after changes". The same goes for the cases when employees are punching out.

If we look at the example above we can see Anna's punchtimes. According to the schedule her shift on December 11th was from 08:00 to 16:00.

However, when we look at the column "Hours after changes" we can see that she punched in at 08:00 and punched out at 20:04.

If the employee had a break during the shift this will also be visible on the specific entry:

How to edit your employees' attendance

If you want to edit your employees' hours, begin by clicking on the shift you want to edit under "Changes to attended time".

Now you get the option to change the hours or add or remove a break:

At the bottom of this page you can see an activity log that shows the previous registrations for the shift:

Here you can see when the employee punched in and out. Furthermore, if the employee added a comment to their shift, this comment is also visible here.

If you choose to edit a shift, the changes will be immediately visible under "Hours & Salary".

How to view your employees' punch times in the punch clock

It is always possible to see which of your employees are currently punched in and out at a specific time. This is visible when you open the punch clock in a browser on your computer. There you will be presented with a main overview of all of todays punch clock activities.

First, go to "Settings" in the main menu and choose "Smartplan Time".

Click on your personal link under "Punch clock link". Now enter the 6-digit punch clock password in the browser punch clock. It can be found under "Punch clock passcode".

Now you are in the punch clock. On the right side of the screen you get an overview of the employees that are currently punched into their shifts or having a break. Here we see Anna who punched in at 10.53:

When Anna punches out from her shift, this will also be visible here.

This allows you to get a quick overview of which of your employees are currently punched in, who is in their break, and if any of them have punched out.

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